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 Istaler 6.0 Tutorial forms 2

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MesazhTitulli: Istaler 6.0 Tutorial forms 2   Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:21 am

STEP 1: First, we will need to setup the PHP panel. To do that, we need hosting website. I suggest you this one: Click Register to make new account. STEP 2: When you finish with registration, go to UserCP. Then, you will need to create a new MySQL Database by clicking Create/delete MySQL database. Now, name your database for example database. My username is username131, so database name would be database_username131 and password passw0rxz123. Click now, Create Database. In Assign Priviledges panel, select your database's Username & Database.Table name and check all boxes. STEP 3: Now we need to download iStealer and setup the PHP DOWNLOAD: iStealer_6.0.rar/ or EVG89YA2 STEP 4: Now we will need to setup the PHP file. Right click on index and click Open with... and select Notepad or some other text editor. Now, I will use my username, password & database to show you how to correctly setup that(you can find info's on the top). And save it. STEP 5: Now go back to BlackApple Hosting website and press File Manager and upload index.php & style.css file. STEP 6: Open iStealer 6.0 when you finish with uploading the index.php & style.css. Your URL would be something like this: Now click build & that's all scan results:
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Istaler 6.0 Tutorial forms 2
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